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And the winner is.....

And the winner is.....

Great News! Following a random selection of 10 names from 141 entrants, we are delighted to announce that our MoneySmart Gang winners are: Epsom Girls Grammar School Tasmeen; Annabel Mabunay; Kay Tar; Val Sutherland; J Ross-Hays; Joy Knight; Helen Deeny; S Boyd; Aisha Chaudhary; Annie Liddell.

Each winner will get a set of 10 MoneySmart Gang books (paperback), 5 colouring/activity books & posters - all in time for 'My Money Week' in June 2017. 

As a thank you to everyone who helped to make this competition a success, you can use the discount code THANKYOU04 to get 20% off all purchases made by the 4th of June.