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Teaching kids about money can be practical and fun... For a lot of young people (and adults!), talking about managing money can become a bit boring. However, here at MoneySmartWorld, we’re dedicated to making sure parents and teachers alike have the resources to help children learn about money and finance in a fun and engaging way. Here are our top five ways to make learning about money more fun.1. Make it real It can be difficult for young people to grasp the concept of money when we’re constantly paying with debit and credit cards. When taking your kids to the...

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children’s finance, finance lessons for kids, Financial literacy, Money Management for teens -

Its almost the end of Q1 2018... Yikes! How are the new-year resolutions around teaching your children about money going? Do you need some help? If so, visit us at MoneySmartWorld today. We are still very passionate about helping teachers, parents, individuals and organisations teach money concepts, personal finance, money management, business basics, financial capability and life skills to kids and teenagers. With a society fueled by rising debt, easy credit and a tendency for instant gratification, educating the next generation and today's role models, on how to achieve financial fulfilment and peace, has become a necessity. Teaching children about money is important – wherever in...

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children’s finance, finance lessons for kids -

Formal education may be down to teachers and tutors, but teaching your kids about personal finance is often all on your shoulders. Getting them to understand what money is and what it does can be hard enough, but teaching them about money management can be a whole different ball game. To help make the whole thing easier, we’ve jotted down some simple tips to get you started: Money has to be earned Being a kid is great; you have no financial strains or stresses, don’t have to spend money on food or clothes, and don’t have to slog away for...

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