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Its almost the end of Q1 2018... Yikes! How are the new-year resolutions around teaching your children about money going? Do you need some help? If so, visit us at MoneySmartWorld today. We are still very passionate about helping teachers, parents, individuals and organisations teach money concepts, personal finance, money management, business basics, financial capability and life skills to kids and teenagers. With a society fueled by rising debt, easy credit and a tendency for instant gratification, educating the next generation and today's role models, on how to achieve financial fulfilment and peace, has become a necessity. Teaching children about money is important – wherever in...

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Great News! Following a random selection of 10 names from 141 entrants, we are delighted to announce that our MoneySmart Gang winners are: Epsom Girls Grammar School Tasmeen; Annabel Mabunay; Kay Tar; Val Sutherland; J Ross-Hays; Joy Knight; Helen Deeny; S Boyd; Aisha Chaudhary; Annie Liddell. Each winner will get a set of 10 MoneySmart Gang books (paperback), 5 colouring/activity books & posters - all in time for 'My Money Week' in June 2017.  As a thank you to everyone who helped to make this competition a success, you can use the discount code THANKYOU04 to get 20% off all purchases made by the 4th of...

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MoneySmartWorld Press Release -

When it comes to teaching children life skills, MoneySmartWorld is urging parents to ensure that budgeting is a priority. The expert organisation delivers a range of products that aim to make learning about money fun, effective, and practical for children aged 5 upwards and is now calling on families to make it part of their routine to prepare fast growing children for later life. Learning the value of money at a young age can help set children up for a future where they’re better able to manage their income, outgoings, and more. Even at primary school there are plenty of...

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children’s finance, finance lessons for kids -

Formal education may be down to teachers and tutors, but teaching your kids about personal finance is often all on your shoulders. Getting them to understand what money is and what it does can be hard enough, but teaching them about money management can be a whole different ball game. To help make the whole thing easier, we’ve jotted down some simple tips to get you started: Money has to be earned Being a kid is great; you have no financial strains or stresses, don’t have to spend money on food or clothes, and don’t have to slog away for...

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Financial literacy, Money Management for teens -

As someone interested in teaching young people about money and helping them grow into money savvy adults, I'd like to share some statistics with you. Do you know that: 94% of 16 year olds believe it is important to know how to manage money, but few say they have been taught how to. 29% of 16-24 year olds said they would not know how to prepare and manage a weekly budget. Budgeting is the last thing on many students' minds as the vast majority of 16-24 year olds admit they don't keep track of their finances. Less than 10% of primary and secondary schools...

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