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Money Management Workbook for teens (Paperback - UK Version)

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Ideal for use once a child is in secondary school (i.e., Year 7), the money management workbook for teenagers has everything they need to get started on the road to better money management and developing financial habits that will last a lifetime.

The workbook will guide the user through 12 months of budgeting, setting goals and tracking all the money they receive, spend, save, invest and donate - with the aim of helping them develop their budgeting skills.

Without a good financial education, young adults can find it tough to manage their money when at college, university or away from home: and this can lead to debt problems in the future.

So give them a head-start and get them into the habit of tracking their spending, income and savings. Simply order a copy for that special teenager or pre-teenager today.

Format: 84 page spiral bound paperback

Size: Available in A4 (28 X 21cm) and A5 (21cm X 14.5) sizes.