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The Amazing Skateboard – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Borrowing

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Have you ever borrowed money from a friend, brother or sister, only to find out that they suddenly become bossy and make your life a misery until you’ve paid them back?

Max borrows some money from Lily to buy a skateboard he really wants, and soon learns that being in debt is not fun! 

This book is part of the MoneySmart Gang series, an entertaining and educational series of 10 books designed to teach young children (aged 5-8) key money and life lessons. It teaches children the value of working for their money, saving up to buy what they want (even if it takes a bit longer to get what they want) and the disadvantages of borrowing.

Each book in the series follows the adventures of Ade, Max, Jasmine, Lily and Meg. From setting goals and saving, to giving, spending wisely and working, these great stories help to teach about real life in a way that is so much fun, children will not know they are learning. Each book also includes a questions /money quiz and practical tips page which can be used by parents or teachers to reinforce the key lessons learnt.

Format: (24 Pages) Available in Paperback 

Size: A5 (21 X 14.5cm)