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KS2 All Money Lesson Plans

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  • Teachers Guide & CD
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Save time, hassle and hours of planning by using our fully comprehensive classroom guide for your money, PSHE or financial education lessons. Used by hundreds of schools within the UK, and in Dubai, Singapore, South Africa etc - the KS2 classroom guide is a pfeg quality marked resource fully in line with the UK curriculum. The MoneySmart Money Management Classroom Guide for KS2 includes:

  • A 150 page Teacher’s Guide – with all 9 personal finance lesson plans, teaching scripts and activities needed to deliver full coverage of the financial capability curriculum and more...
  • A CD with:
(a) over 120 colourful presentation slides
(b) extra activity sheets for each lesson
(c) editable parent letters
(d) evaluation questionnaires
(e) Entire student class workbook in printable PDF format - Each pupil in class needs a workbook.
This CD gives you access to the entire workbook in printable document format (PDF). All you have to do is download it, print it off, and make as many copies as you need for your classes.


Format - 150 pages spiral bound A4 booklet & CD