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KS2-KS3 Where Money Goes Lesson Plan

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This teaching resource (lesson plan, presentation slides and worksheets) will help students understand where money goes, through a detailed explanation of needs and wants and how money is distributed between these two constants. They will also use decision making to determine how money is best used for needs, wants and savings.

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

  • Know about needs, wants, resources and savings through understanding financial commitments
  • Understand how tax and pension contributions are made and why they are important.
With just 5-10 minutes of preparation needed, the lesson plan consists of:
    • Teaching guide with:
      • A list of required resources & materials – most of which, are provided
      • Clearly defined learning objectives and outcomes
      • Step-by-step teaching instructions
      • Suggested teaching scripts to support the presentation slides, and discussion questions
      • Activities and corresponding photocopiable worksheets
      • Homework/extension worksheets - to further enhance the lesson and challenge your students with real-life scenarios that provide practical money management skill-building opportunities.
      • Answers to worksheet questions.
    • Colourful presentation slides - to supplement your classroom teaching and engage the pupils
    • Pre and post evaluation questionnaires - to help you measure the effectiveness of this or any other financial literacy programme.

This lesson plan is intended for use in a range of settings, by educators who want to address basic money management issues, or add financial literacy to their curriculum and range of skills taught. It may be particularly relevant if you are a:

  • Teacher
  • After-school educational services provider
  • Homeschooler
  • Youth worker
Format: 5 PDF Documents:
  • Lesson Plan/Teaching Guide
  • Presentations slides
  • Pre/Post Evaluation Questionnaire Guide
  • Pre-Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Post Evaluation Questionnaire.