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About Us

¨It is a known fact that 'the earlier a child starts learning about money, the more financially responsible and aware they are, as an adult.¨

 As a basic necessity, every child needs to understand about budgeting, saving, donating, spending wisely and within their means.... and that's where we come in...

At MoneySmartWorld, we are passionate about education. Our aim is to help parents and teachers effectively engage and teach young people aged 5 to 18 how to manage their money better and develop good financial literacy skills and habits that will last a lifetime; via the provision of a range of curriculum based, effective and practical money teaching resources.

About MoneySmartWorld

We strongly believe in the value of a good all-round education and the need to help young people develop the skills and confidence needed to manage their money well, and make wise financial decisions.

Hence our mission to get our resources into the hands of as many teachers, parents, kids and teens in a timely and affordable manner. 

So do browse through the range of resources we provide.