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MoneySmart Gang Series

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About the Money Smart Gang Series

Available in both Paperback and eBook (Kindle, ePub and PDF) formats, the revised MoneySmart Gang series is a collection of 10 beautifully illustrated, entertaining and educational children's money story books designed to teach children key money and life lessons in a fun and engaging way. 

Teaching kids about money can be funEach book follows the lives and adventures of Ade, Max, Jasmine, Lily and Meg - 5 kids on a mission!

The fun and engaging educational books will help children learn how they can earn money through work, spend their money wisely, save, start a business and much, much more. In fact, children will be learn without realising it. Each book also includes comprehension style questions and practical tips pages which can be used to reinforce the key lessons learnt.

The MoneySmart Gang Collection

MoneySmart Gang Series - Children's money books

Sample Story

It’s Max’s birthday next week, and the gang want to give him a lovely birthday surprise. They’ve saved and saved, and the great news is that the toy store they plan to get his birthday present from is having a SALE - so off to the shop they go! What will they buy, and will Max love or hate his presents? LESSONS LEARNT: Apart from introducing children to the concepts of ‘price’, ‘being a customer’ and ‘items on sale’, this story also teaches them about comparing prices to find the best bargain.



Click here to pre-order your copies via kick-starter now.