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Money Story Books (10) for ages 5 to 8 - Special Discount

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Teaching kids about money can be fun

The MoneySmart Gang series is a set of 10 money story books designed to help teach key money and life lessons to 5 to 8 year olds, in a fun and memorable manner. 

The colourful, fun and engaging educational books help children learn how they can earn money through work, spend their money wisely, save, start a business and much, much more. Each book in the series follows the lives and adventures of Ade, Max, Jasmine, Lily and Meg and teaches fundamental money concepts in a very practical and engaging manner.

These great stories help to teach about real life in a way that is so much fun, children will not know they are learning. Each book also includes comprehension style questions and practical tips page which can be used to reinforce the key lessons learnt. A must-have for the school or home library.

Titles in the series include:

The Mother’s Day Present – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Working
The Amazing Skateboard – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Borrowing
The Trip to Funland – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Spending Wisely
The School Visit – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Money
The Hospital Visit – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Giving
Doing the Right Thing – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Integrity
Off to the Supermarket – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Wants and Needs
The Lemonade Stand – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Starting a Business
Taking It to the Bank – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Savings and Interest
It’s on Sale – The MoneySmart Gang Learn About Shopping Wisely


Format: 10 Paperback books (A5-size 14.8cm X 21.0cm Pages: 24 pages per book).

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Bonus Gift 1

The MoneySmart Activity and Colouring Book

Will keep your pupils or children busy with 12 pages of educational money themed colouring and activities - includes puzzles, word searches, spot the difference, treasure chest and engaging activities themed around money.

Ideal for ages 5 to 8!

Bonus Gift 2

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