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Money Management Workbook for Kids aged 8 to 11

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Simply order, download and print a copy of the MoneySmart workbook for that special child in your life today. It teaches children aged 8-11 basic money management principles. It contains basic instructions on budgeting and setting goals for the year, and guides your child through 12 months of tracking all the money they receive, spend, save and donate based on using the "10:20:70" money management principle.

Our popular money management workbook (which includes budgeting and monthly spend tracking sheets) can be printed out, filled in online and used with ANY currency.

The money management e-workbook for kids has everything they need to get started on the road to better money management and developing financial habits that will last a lifetime. 

So get them into the habit of tracking their spending, income and savings.

Format: PDF (80 Pages) - Simply order, download and print a copy for that special child in your life today.