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The KS1 Money Management Guide for the Classroom

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Deliver Meaningful Lessons with Just 5-10 minutes of Prep! Save time, hassle and hours of planning by using our comprehensive set of lesson plans for your money week, PHSE or financial education lessons. The KS1 teaching resource is pfeg quality marked and fully in line with the UK curriculum. It consists of:

Lesson Plans/Teachers Guide (split into 8 topics*) - that include detailed lesson plans, teaching scripts, money worksheets and activities that will help you deliver effective and practical financial education classes


  • 132+ colourful presentation slides
  • Extra activity/homework sheets for each lesson
  • Editable parent letters
  • Pre and post evaluation questionnaires.


*: Topics include:

  1. Money & the Exchange of Money
  2. Where Money Comes From
  3. Where Money Goes
  4. Looking After Your Money
  5. Spending Money and Budgeting
  6. Basic Risk and Return
  7. Making Personal Life Choices
  8. Implications of Finance

FormatPDFs (Simply Print & Go) - Easy for you, Effective and Fun for the classroom.

Note: All of the topics are also available for download as individual lesson plans for adhoc use.